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Here’s an engaging project for teens, kids, girls and boys who love creative building kits. Andrea's Modern Mansion (42639) toy house set makes a great gift for kids aged 14+ and comes with a mega mini-doll haul with 11 LEGO® Friends characters and lots of accessories.

Teens will be proud to display this epic four-storey family toy mansion, which includes several outdoor areas, including a pool, hot tub, toy piano, karaoke zone, Zen yoga area and a waterfall flowing from the roof. The interior is equally impressive, with a kid’s bedroom, a bathroom and Andrea’s bedroom with rotating bed. In the basement there’s a recording studio and the garage, which has a function to make the car roll out when the garage door opens. There’s also a working lift that travels to each of the floors.

Fans of LEGO Friends kids’ toys will be excited to see an amazing cast of characters old and new. There are original friends who are now grown up, as well as some of the latest additions to the Friends lineup.

  • A house building project for teens – The LEGO® Friends Andrea's Modern Mansion gives girls, boys and kids ages 14+ a rewarding build with a family toy house to display
  • Outdoor party zones – This four-story home is where LEGO® Friends character Andrea hosts parties for her friends and comes with a pool, hot tub, dining area, yoga and music spaces and a waterfall
  • A detailed interior – Inside the home is a kid’s bedroom and a bathroom, Andrea’s bedroom with a rotating bed and a basement recording studio with a hidden pull-out guest bed
  • 11 Characters – This building set for kids comes with a cast of 11 characters old and new, including some of the classic friends who are now grown up plus newer additions to the Friends lineup
  • Opening garage and working elevator – The garage has a function to make the car roll out when the garage door opens and there’s an elevator to take the characters to each of the floors
  • A birthday gift for kids and teens – This building kit makes a fun birthdayor holiday gift for teens who enjoy building LEGO® sets
  • Measurements – 2,275-piece set with toy house measuring over 11.5 in. (29 cm) high, 17.5 in. (45 cm) wide and 7 in. (18 cm) deep