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Magical woodland adventures await boys and girls aged 9+ when they build, play with and display the 3 different LEGO® animal toys of this Creator Forest Animals: Red Fox (31154) 3in1 playset. It features a highly posable red fox toy that can move its head, neck, legs, paws and tail. It can sit or stand and comes with a snow-covered tree stump and spruce tree stand.

This Creator 3in1 set lets kids build 3 different woodland LEGO animals with the same bricks. They can build a highly posable red fox figure, rebuild it into a posable red owl toy perched on a tree branch, or a posable red squirrel toy with an acorn. All 3 playsets make for great display items on a shelf or bedside table.

LEGO Creator 3in1 toys make great gifts for kids, with 3 different models to create in every box. Kids will be excited to build, rebuild and build again. 3in1 sets offer a range of models that appeal to their biggest passions, including superfast vehicles, amazing animals and detailed city scenes.

  • 3 LEGO® animals including a red fox toy in 1 box – Boys and girls aged 9+ build and rebuild 3 different models using the same bricks with the LEGO Creator Forest Animals: Red Fox 3in1 building set
  • Endless woodland adventures – Kids can use their imaginations to dream up stories with 3 different animal playsets: a red fox toy, a red owl figure and a red squirrel model
  • Posable animal figures – The fox toy can move its head, neck, legs, mouth, paws and tail, the owl figure can rotate its head through 360 degrees, and the red squirrel toy’s head, ears and paws move
  • Stands and accessories – The red fox toy comes with a snow-covered tree stump and spruce tree stand, the owl can be put on a branch stand with posable twigs, and the red squirrel comes with an acorn
  • Gift idea for ages 9 and up – This 3in1 toy provides a fun build-and-play experience and can be given as a birthday or holiday gift for kids who love LEGO® models
  • A fun way to build – The LEGO® Builder app takes kids on an intuitive building adventure where they can save sets, track progress and zoom in on and rotate models in 3D while they build
  • LEGO® Creator toys – Every 3in1 set lets kids build 3 different models inspired by some of their biggest passions, including animals, vehicles and detailed city scenes
  • Measurements – This 667-piece LEGO® building set features a buildable owl figure standing over 7 in. (18 cm) tall