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Discover timeless creative fun with this charming LEGO® Classic 11002 Basic Brick Set. Choose from a selection of bright and colorful LEGO bricks, wheels and eyes to create a wide variety of iconic LEGO models, from a knight on horseback to a cool monster truck. This building set offers 3 levels of complexity and makes an excellent starter kit for budding LEGO builders. Includes age-appropriate instructions to help children discover their creative building skills, with further building instructions and inspiration available online.

More Detail
• Includes LEGO® bricks, wheels and eyes for creating classic LEGO models.

• Features bright and colorful LEGO® bricks for open-ended creative play.

• Create a LEGO dinosaur toy, monster truck, propeller plane or whatever you can imagine!

• Provides 3 levels of building complexity for budding builders.

• Visit for additional building instructions, fun videos, ideas and inspiration.

• Let creativity grow with LEGO® Classic sets!

• This set includes 300 pieces.

• This set offers an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4+.